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Trucking is the lifeblood of our economy. Trucks move over 70% of the nation's freight by weight exceeding over $700 billion in revenues.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry is extremely inefficient in it's current form. Manufacturers struggle with finding trucks to transport goods. On average trucks drive 30 billion miles a year with partial or empty loads.

There are roughly 1.5 million trucking companies employing over 3 million truck drivers and 90% of those companies have 6 trucks or fewer resulting in a fragmented and cumbersome ecosystem.

That's where Fascile comes in.

Imagine shippers, carriers and brokers collaborating on a secure, frictionless network in real time.

Our pioneering technology creates streamlined, paperless processing maintained on a private blockchain utilizing scales, QR Codes & AI to initiate, track and verify load history.

All data is safely and securely distributed to authorized companies, vendors and drivers involved in each transaction. Payments are directly deposited upon load delivery confirmation.

Real-time automation with verifiable attestation for each step in the process easily accessible via computer or smart phone. The result? Orders of magnitude in efficiency gained along with massive savings in time and cost.

How We Do It
How We Do It

The future of trucking logistics
will be powered by blockchain technology

A blockchain is essentially a decentralized, distributed ledger that consists of “blocks” of data sequentially linked together using cryptographic protocols. Data added to a blockchain must be validated by a consensus of peers on the network. Once added, data in a block cannot be maliciously modified without also modifying every block in the chain and gaining consensus from all the peers on the network.

The immutability of the data while at the same time being easily validated by any peer in the network is what gives blockchain technology it’s unique capabilities making it a perfect solution for solving the many inefficiencies in the trucking industry…

How the Fascile platform is revolutionizing the trucking industry

Streamlined Payments

With blockchain technology payments are automatically triggered with smart contracts using direct deposits, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or cryptocurrencies .

Transparency and Better Reporting

Data stored on a blockchain creates an immutable record of activity that is instantly accessible and easily audited.

Increased Accuracy

With a PERMANENT record of activity instantly accessible to all relevant parties clerical errors and fraud can be drastically reduced if not eliminated completely.

Reduce Costs

Verifiably secure and IMMEDIATELY accessible data stored on the blockchain eliminates administrative overhead by 90% on average.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

When you become a Fascile member, you can send money to other Fascile members without a bank in between the transaction. PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo are all examples of peer-to-peer payment systems with a bank account used as the intermediary. With Fascile, you become your own bank.

Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

Members of the Fascile network can participate in the future of money by receiving and sending cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.

Social Networking

Share documents, photos, videos and private messages with other Fascile members and customers.

Making the impossible, possible with blockchain technology

Fascile's use of state of the art blockchain technology unlocks opportunities and advantages previously unavailable in the trucking industry.

General Contractors, Trucking Companies & Drivers

Easy Pay

Fascile's digital network makes payments to drivers, vendors, etc faster, cheaper and less prone to error.

Better Reporting

Blockchain's distributed ledger framework provides a PERPETUAL single source of data attestation that doesn't require a 3rd party for verification. This reduces overhead for data collection as well as reporting.

QR Code Scanning

Fascile QR code technology offers the ability to take advantage of real-time tracking and reporting drastically reducing logistical friction and increasing efficiency

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